Bridge for All


Playing bridge is one of the most popular leisure activities in Britain with around 300,000 playing on a regular basis. Why not join them?

The aim of this course is to add to the basic skills of duplicate bridge learnt in our Beginning Bridge or equivalent course.

At the end of the course, trainees should have sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to compete at club level with people with the same level of knowledge and experience.

The course will consist of ten hosted, bi-weekly, three hourly workshops.

Fully Subscribed

To register, complete the form to the right, or give Ray a call on 01275 855615. Please give some indication of your previous experience - e.g. completed the Beginning Bridge course, have not played for many years, etc.

Workshop Structure

  • Each workshop will consist of a short teaching period followed by supervised play of ten prepared hands each of which will cover an important aspect of the workshop topic. A group discussion of the hands will also take place at the end of play.

Workshop Topics

  • Stayman
  • Red suit transfers
  • Pre-emptive bidding
  • Strong Acol Bids
  • Slam bidding- Gerber and Quantitative
  • Slam bidding- Blackwood and Roman Key Card Blackwood
  • Mckenney discards
  • Two suited overcalls
  • Take-out doubles
  • 4th suit force
  • A full set of printed course notes is given to each course member for future reference.

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