Bridge for All


Playing bridge is one of the most popular leisure activities in Britain with around 300,000 playing on a regular basis. Why not join them?

The aim of this course is to introduce people to the basic skills of playing duplicate bridge in a club environment using the Acol system.

At the end of the course, trainees should have sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to enjoy playing the game with people with the same level of knowledge and experience. However, Bridge is a complex and intricate game and there is much more to learn before being able to play it at a competent level. Further training and more experience will be required before being able to play well and compete with experienced players in an established club.

The course will be spread over three terms, in total consisting of thirty two-and-a-half-hour lessons (1.30 to 4), taking place each Monday afternoon.

The course fee of £50.00 per term includes the "Beginning Bridge" manual (valued at £20), free membership of the club, together with automatic and free membership of the English Bridge Union.

To enrol, complete the form to the right, or give Janet a call on 01934 253889. Please give some indication of your previous experience - e.g. never handled a pack of cards, can play whist, etc.

Course Structure

  • Each weekly session will consist of a teaching period followed by supervised play. There will be a refreshment break of tea or coffee midway through the lesson.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Bridge
    • Valuing the hand - Suit rankings, high card points, balanced or unbalanced
    • Scoring
  • Introduction to MiniBridge
    • Playing in 'No Trumps'
    • Playing in 'Trumps'
    • Basic Declarer play
    • Basic Defence - opening leads
  • Introduction to bidding
    • Opening 'One No Trump' and balanced hand responses
    • Game responses to 1NT
    • Opening One of a Suit and limit raises
    • New suit responses - opener's weak rebid
    • Opener's rebid with a strong hand
    • Getting into 'No trumps'
  • Declarer Play
    • Declarer play techniques
    • Declarer play in 'No Trumps'
    • Declarer play in a trump contract
  • Defence
    • Opening Lead
    • Defenders play of the cards
  • The Copmpetitive Auction
    • Suit overcalls and responses
    • Simple takeout doubles
    • 1NT overcall and responses
  • New Conventions
    • Stayman
  • Strong opening bids
    • Opening 2NT and responses
    • Opening 2C and responses
    • Opening 2D/H/S and responses
  • Pre-emptive openings
    • Opening at the 3 and 4 level and responses
    • Defending against a pre-emptive opening

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