16 November 2018 - Autumn Pairs
1Barbara Biggin & Sue Gudgeon65.3%
2Lyn Dyer & Jean Lowe61.5%
3John Cockram & Martin Holcombe58.7%
4Richard Gales & Chris Garrett54.9%
5Mike & Janet O'Brien50.7%
6=Ray Harper & Russell Day50.3%
6=Peter Dawes & Jane Hall50.3%
8=Joan Sprague & Bob Williams49.7%
8=Alan & Mary Rodgman49.7%
10Di Askwith & Sarah Berry47.2%
11Carol Williams & Nora Mallett46.5%
12Geoff Seaman & Linda Johnson38.9%
13Mary Crowe & Susan Colk38.5%
14Robert Taylor & Sally Harris37.8%

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