Championship Teams
 1997Muriel Woodhouse, Gary Langdale, Pat Ashford, David Pople. 
 1998Gary Langdale, Muriel Woodhouse, Jim Dixon, Pauline Hiscock. 
 1999Muriel Woodhouse, Gary Langdale, Pat Ashford, Bruce Leslie. 
 2000Brian Greenwood, Sue Mape, Betty Smithson, John Smithson. 
 2001Barbara Parker, Tricia Morgan, Richard Parker, Mike Powell. 
 2002Colin Floyd, David Brown, June Brown, Pauline Hiscock. 
 2003David Brown, June Brown, Sue Walton, Pauline Hiscock. 
 2004Sue Mape, Brian Greenwood, John Platten, Pauline Platten. 
 2005John Cockram, Patrick Cartwright, Marion Blackhall, Tom Gibbard. 
 2006Brian Greenwood, Colin Floyd, Ann Bawdon, Mike Powell. 
 2007Clive Chambers, Kate Chambers, Jill Begg, Pauline Hiscock. 
 2008Alan Plant, Pauline Hiscock, Clive Chambers, Jill Begg. 
 2009David Howard, Robin Belcher, Ernie Sutton, Russell Day. 
 2010John Cockram, Tom Gibbard, Barbara Parker, Tricia Morgan. 
 2011John Cockram, Tom Gibbard, Barbara Parker, Tricia Morgan. 
 2012Tom Gibbard, John Cockram, Patrick Cartwright, Ernie Sutton. 
 2013Barbara Parker, Tricia Morgan, Pauline Platten, John Platten. 
 2015Gillian Toogood, Wendy Miller, Barbara Biggin, Anne Skinner. 
 2016Mike O'Brien, Janet O'Brien, Richard Whittaker, Bob Williams. 
 2017Jean Lowe, Chris Bryant, Ray Harper, Russell Day. 
 2018Mike O'Brien, Janet O'Brien, Carol Williams, Nora Mallett. 

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